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Professional painting services include; interior and exterior house painting, dry wall repairs, and more. If home is where the heart is, then you surely want the best and we offer you the best. Coupled with artistic design and decorations for homes, offices and all your comfort zones.We supply you both the accessories and design you want .We personalize your comfort according to your resources with imported resources from Europe and Turkey.

 Building Construction Willing to renovate your houses, or building the house of your dreams? You can trust us to do it. We will help you to create the perfect home that meets your family needs…  Project Conception and Realization You have your uncompleted projects and want a professional touch on it, come to us and our engineers will put a smile on your face.  You want to build the house of your dreams with high quality resources, come to us and we do it for you, and customise it according to your dreams with a constant follow up on each stage.

  • Painting...
  • Interior Design...
  • Building construction.
  • Project conception and realization.

Willing to renovate your house, or build the house of your dreams? You can trust us to help. We’ll help you create a home that fit your family’s needs....

We supply you all you want in our domain and varieties according to your demands. We personalise all you want at your wish and with your cost.Come to us and find fast,efficient and reliable supply services from wherever you are to wherever you want.Trust us and experience the reality of efficiency.

We provide custom clearance solutions for businesses of all sizes including courier companies, wholesalers retailers and e-commerce business and even private individuals. Our tailored service can take the headache out of every type of importation. Whether you are an importer or wholesale or retail, a business with sites around the globe.....

We are Customs Clearing Agent in India offering wide variety of services in order to help the clients for Import and Export Customs Clearances. With established procedures, effective technology and solid relationships with Customs authorities help ensure our clients goods are delivered when expected. We manage all documentation and can initiate the clearance process before goods are in transit to expedite clearance of consignments by Sea, Air and Land more efficiently. So we provide both Sea Custom Clearance Service and Air Custom Clearance Service We can clear all types of shipments, major or minor, for/from across the globe to the utmost satisfaction of clients due to our long years of expertise and wide exposure in this field. TSSPL having core strengths for handling documentations, procurement and processing in various fields. We are having our own connection with Vessels Agents Worldwide to collect any type of cargo from any Country. Our personnel are well cognizant with the challenging needs and changing demands of today's businesses. They deal with your day to day problems and formalities involved in the respect of clearance of import and export cargo. Added to do we do efficient and reliable tracking from when the goods leave till its arrival and delivery.


king trading is a professional driven company aimed at PARTNERING FOR EXCELLENCE by providing customized homes ,office designs n decorations and several other services to our customers considering their budget .We solution the problem of comfort at high prices to offer you comfort and satisfaction at moderate price and choice.our company offers it's services in CAMEROON and other CEMAC countries . As a company aimed at customising comfort at customer cost,King Trading covers a wide range of services and building construction projects. King Trading offers quality services for design,and decorations,supplies of building materials from Europe.


We offer the best when it comes to artistic design, decor ,accessories and furniture..


We offer the best you can find in building Construction materials and Services.


Offers of variable supply services all over the globe..


We offer you sure and reliable services.


We can clear all types of shipments, major or minor, for/from across the globe to the utmost satisfaction of clients..

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An entry door is an important part of a home. It provides a focal point for anyone looking at the front of a house, and it’s one of the first things you see when entering a home. There are many choices that need to be made when considering the type of door to purchase. You want an entry door to have certain features such as security, energy efficiency, and durability. If any of those features are something you seek in a door, then consider a steel entry door. They Provide Security, They’re Easy to Maintain, They’re Durable, They Provide Energy Efficiency, steel entry doors are on top of the list as one of the most energy efficient since they are very thick and protective, They Block Out Noise, They’re Able to be Customized, They’re Less Expensive.


Personalized Cabinets To Suite Any Style, Shape Or Size Kitchen Cabinets Made To Fit Any Kitchen You Pick The Materials Gain More Storage Space Higher Quality Craftsmanship Eco-Friendly Approach When you buy anything stock you can’t be sure where materials were sourced or what sort of ecological footprint it has Are You Really Tall Or Short? If you are 5’2 or 7’2 you have different needs than the average 5’8 individual stock cabinets are designed for. Custom cabinets give you the opportunity to create a kitchen that works for you, without needing to keep step stools around, or having to bend over all day long. Save Money On Custom Cabinets You can save a whole lot of money on custom cabinets by purchasing them wholesale

Sembol Makrosil

It is a water based,styrene acrylic emulsion,silicon added,wipe resistant,Matt textured and decorative top coat surface paint. It shows perfect adhesion to all kinds of surfaces. It does not crack or spill thanks to it's flexible structure. It has excellent covering,high water repellence,friction and washing resistance. Also it is odourless and it is environmentally friendly.it is easy to apply and can be used for many years without changing color. It exist is several brands and has its oil paint and other dyes and solvents.


Rainfall Shower Head: Convert Your Bathroom Into a Spa: Enjoy utter relaxation This shower head makes you feel like you're getting drenched in a soft downpour as water flows Easy No-Leak Installation: Twists on in just minutes-no tools or plumber required Universal kit fits all standard bathroom plumbing. Adjustable swivel head lets you angle the spray just right HIGH PRESSURE RAIN SHOWER HEAD WITH STAINLESS STEEL ARM AND WALL FLANGE: High flow of water feels like you're standing under a natural waterfall


We propose to u inoxidable taps.Copper made and very resistant to harsh temperature.Style. Many people prefer the sleek and streamlined look of a mixer tap to that of separate hot and cold taps. ... Versatility. Mixer taps can work equally well on a bath or a bathroom sink or basin. ... Control is easy and provides good water pressure flow Convenience to both hot and cold water systems Economic since is adapted to both the hot and cold systems


Our Cement plaster is the best bet when it comes to plastering exterior walls because it is moisture-resistant and will protect the wall against climate changes as well as environmental pollution. Moreover the durability factor in cement plaster makes it the ideal choice for internal plastering too. Also it can be used in the medical domain for the fabrication of plasters bandages to bind broken bones and conserve them during the healing periods


High Power transmission. Our cables and accessories are very flexible and of premium quality respecting the normes and standards of fabrication Low installation and material cost. Long distance transmissions. The fault or damage in overhead lines can easily locate. Maintenance of the line is easier. Extension or joining on overhead lines can be performed easily and also it facilitates easy replacing.


Resists wear: Porcelain and ceramic tile is well known to be highly resistant to wear and tends to last better over the years than standard ceramic tile does. It requires little or Low Maintenance They're beautiful Excellent for high traffic use Offered in a wide range of styles and easily personalised Highly durable More moisture resistant Simple to clean.

Porcelain Toilet Sets

Good porcelain Toilet Sets know for their clean,non-porous nature,they only help keep the toilet in pristine,sanitary condition.They are robust ,presentable and long lasting


We purchase a wide variety of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) transformed products so as to meet the needs of our customers and the population at large notably plumbering pipes,tubes, curling and many others according to market demands.Working notably with the best production firms.

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